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Episode 96: Dr. Gil Blander

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Dr. Gil Blander from Inside Tracker. He is a leader in the personalized nutrition movement and has been living an intermittent fasting lifestyle himself for the past 8 years. He calls intermittent fasting the “best natural intervention available to us today.”

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Dr. Blander is internationally recognized for his research in the Biology of Aging. He shares that as a child, he was “fascinated by the aging process.” A relative had passed away when he was young, and he realized he would not live forever. Dr. Blander decided to dedicate his life to the study of aging.

He moved to Boston in 2002, and received his PhD from MIT, with a focus on aging research. At the same time, he learned about intermittent fasting, studying its benefits on longevity. He learned that intermittent fasting lowers glucose and reduces inflammation, among other things. Dr. Blander has been living an intermittent fasting lifestyle for the last eight years, because his research showed its abundant health benefits. He fasts for health, not for weight loss, and his windows vary every day.

Dr. Blander created his company, Inside Tracker, with the desire to help people live longer lives with personalized nutrition. Inside Tracker looks at what is going on in ones’s body by looking at a variety of different blood markers and DNA analysis. This combined information helps Inside Tracker give the best recommendations for optimal health. IF with personalized nutrition is the best way to help you live a healthy and long life!

The advice Dr. Blander would give new IFers: “The best intervention we have available for us today to live longer is IF. It is natural and simple. It’s not easy for the first couple of weeks. But once it becomes a routine, then it’s easy.

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