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Episode 97: Heather Stuart

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Heather Stuart from New Zealand.

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Heather is a mother of four, and a grandmother of two! She shares that has always been “short and round.” When her first son was about to get married, she wanted to lose weight. Her doctor prescribed diet pills, and she lost 40 pounds. However, once she stopped taking the diet pills, all the weight came back on, plus more. When her second son was getting married, she still needed to lose weight, but the diet pills were no longer available. So, Heather decided that she’d walk 6 miles every day to lose the weight. Walking this far was too much to maintain on a daily basis, and she gave up. By the time her youngest son was getting married in 2019, she decided she must do something, yet again. This time, she skipped lunch and walked 10K steps everyday. She tried this for a week, but it was very hard for her.

Around this same time, her friend encouraged her to skip dinner instead of lunch. Heather researched intermittent fasting, and learned that skipping breakfast was actually a good thing! In February 2019, Heather began to wait for “tea time” (dinner) to eat. After a year of IF, she has lost around 70 pounds!

Heather shares that she feels IF is an answer to prayer, she feels more “in control” of her life, and her confidence has greatly improved. One of the biggest things she’s noticed is the incredible amount of energy she has now.

The advice Heather would give to new IFers: “Take lots of photos from different angles.”

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