Season 1

Episode 145: Marty Kendall

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin speaks to special guest Marty Kendall from Brisbane, Australia. Marty is both an engineer and biohacker. He is the creator of Data Driven Fasting and runs the Optimising Nutrition website.

Gin and Marty have a fascinating conversation about Food Insulin Index and its importance. Marty explains how he developed Data Driven Fastingand also how he applies it to his own life. He shares a few myths about dietary fat and Keto, and the importance of choosing nutrient-dense food when it comes to both health and satiety. 

Marty found intermittent fasting after diving headfirst into the research of nutrition, insulin, and blood sugar levels to better understand his wife’s Type 1 Diabetes. He came across Dr. Jason Fung’s videos, and began IF in 2013. Besides helping others with their own intermittent fasting practices, he has gone from 250 pounds to 187 pounds.

You can find Marty Kendall at this link:  Connect with Data Driven Fasting 

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